About me

I’m Paweł. I am the type of person who often does things in a different way. My passion has always been game development. Over the years, I learned to design games, program them, create visual content, gather the necessary resources, and do all of the effort that is required to complete production. I’m self-taught. I continue to improve my work and skills every day, I believe there is always room for it.

Besides, I like nature, traveling, animals, healthy eating, physical activity – especially outdoors. I am also interested a little in psychology.  

Why am I creating "Clickventures"?

When I was younger, back in Adobe Flash days, I loved to play free web browser games. One of the types I considered *special* were simple point & click adventures, but I felt like there weren’t enough good titles, which naturally made me desire them even more. After many years I gained the ability to convert my thoughts into games. Clickventure is one of the first effects of this. I know there are more people who miss the times I mentioned and want to re-live them once more. Also, it would be great to allow the new generation to experience them. I hope Clickventure will allow this in some degree.

My goals

Creating Clickventures is not something I want to focus on exclusively. It’s just the beginning that allowed me to start sharing the effects of my work with the world. I’ve created many game prototypes of different genres. Some of them will be in production one day… Even still, my head is full of new ideas waiting for their turn to be worked on. Time is the only limit I have.

Why am I seeking support?

In order to continue my efforts support is essential. The biggest problem I face is the lack of time, caused primarily by making a living. Unfortunately, I work in the environment not related to game development. Only my remaining spare hours are used to create games. Still, I managed to release a few titles this way, but it pains me that a big part of a day goes on to something I shouldn’t be doing.