Why am I seeking support?

One of my passion projects is Clickventure – a raising series of point and click adventure games. They are free and available to everyone. In order to continue my efforts support is essential. The biggest issue I am facing is the lack of time, primarily caused by making a living. Unfortunately, I work in the environment not related to game development. Only my remaining spare hours are used to create games. I still managed to release a few titles this way, but it pains me that a big portion of a day goes on to something I shouldn’t be doing… Having more time would definitely improve the quality of my games and the rate at which they are being produced. This is achievable with your support.

How can you help?

Do you enjoy my games? If you think my efforts are worth to be continued and you want to support me – please consider options below. I will be grateful for any kind of help.

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Your support will be greatly appreciated.